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Althea Blake

I was fortunate to spend a whole day being coached by Neil which was priceless.

I left with more focus, as together, we worked on a timetable that I could actually work with and not look at and feel overwhemed. I was able to plan me time and family time into my weekly schedule too.

I have 3 businesses, 2 of 3 making money. Neil helped me prioritise my energy into generating more clients and profit for my core business and calculated how much I needed to live on, not just survive and used that as a motivator.

We spent part of the day writing a strategy that again could be actioned. I was able to get clearer direction on who my targqet audience are and not chase the unknown. This was a light bulb moment for me.

Not only was Neil knowledgeable, he was also a really friendly humorous guy. It was a great day spent together working on my business plans and I would highly recommend using his services?

Neil's talk was excellent. He put every thing in a relaxed manner. I relate to his honesty.

Many said that they would like to see Neil again soon for another talk.

Really inspirational and down to earth presentation. Practical steps to meditate was particularly helpful for reflection, to help put 2016 behind and move forward.

I cant really fault it at all – it delivered exactly what it said it was.  Neil is very easy to listen to.

I was an unbeliever in meditation, but can now see the positives and know that it only works if you put the effort in.  It’s not a ‘quick-fix’ but an aide.  I like the way the course was tailored to suit all learning styles – practical, verbal and visual backed up with hand-outs (excellent!).  I intend to keep practicing my new skill. 

I now know how to step back, access, think and not make hasty decisions based on my thoughts which caused me worry and stress.  I find I am getting things in perspective and realize some  things are out of my control. It was good to hear and share other peoples experiences and thoughts and that we are all similar in feelings etc.

I now know how to step back, access, think and not make hasty decisions based on my thoughts which caused me worry and stress.  I find I am getting things in perspective and realize some  things are out of my control. It was good to hear and share other peoples experiences and thoughts and that we are all similar in feelings etc.

Pinky Jangra

Working with Neil has taken me from being confused, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence to having real clarity and confidence about my business niche, products and market.

Without Neil's coaching I'd probably still be darting around like a headless chicken! Neil provides a great balance of support and challenge to bring the best out of me. He keeps me accountable for getting the work done which is critical as I know that when working alone, it's easy just to put stuff off. Especially the stuff that pushes you out of your comfort zone!

As well as helping me develop a more optimistic, confident and courageous mindset, Neil also brought me valuable knowledge on sales, marketing, product formation, funnels, technical platforms and social media.

I continue to work with Neil to progress my business, he is very important part of my journey!

I learnt a great deal. There was plenty of humour too.

Enjoyed today, has helped me a great deal and look forward to next time.

I feel much calmer in myself. Feel able to respond to situations rather than reacting (badly!!!) Feel more in control. I don’t tend to worry a night about things now as much as I used to.

I am able to not react as quickly as I would have before the course and realise that I am not being selfish by sticking up for myself and putting forward my opinion.   I understand that each action  creates a reaction and it is up to me how I deal with that reaction.  A bit like one of the other group attendees I still struggle with when to back down from the mind games, but now that I’m a bit calmer I need to control the old temper and send out a positive vibe!

Big thank you for organising it and to Neil for being a great facilitator.

Knowing I am not unique in some thoughts and feelings and actions sharing and speaking with others.

There isn’t anything  I have disliked about the course -  you are calming, inspiring and I like how you explain things - its much easier to understand it listening to your examples than just purely reading a book.

Lauren Wright

“Wow. After completing Neil’s online meditation course I can honestly say it has changed my life! As a person who has meditated for a couple of years I thought I knew what most of it was about but I was curious to see what Neil could teach me. Within the first 10 minutes of our first session I realised I knew barely anything about meditation!

Each week Neil taught me something new. I have to be honest, I had to work hard before I could see results and the benefit of meditation. For me it was during the last few sessions that I had that ‘light bulb’ moment and I realised how much this could change my life for the better.

I found weekly one to one coaching really helpful because I could practice what I had learnt and then talk it through with Neil. Neil is a great teacher! (He honestly hasn’t paid me for this review!) I instantly felt at ease and he didn’t judge me when I admitted I hadn’t completed the meditations, instead he offered advice and practical ways to solve the problem and now I can proudly say I meditate every day!

This course has been so valuable to me and I wish that every person in the world could access this information. Thank you so much Neil for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Keep up the amazing work that you do.”

A happy, warm personality - interesting and practical topic presented in a warm hearted environment.

Very real, honest and spoke truthfully about himself. Complex subject but explained simply and clearly.

Having a set time and place to attend each week and doing a meditation in each session.  Like having the handouts – which I re read to refresh my memory and focus.  Was delivered in a straight forward and easy to digest way.

Understanding the mechanics of our thought processes. I love the technical stuff. 

This Course has enabled me to take a step back from potential stressful situations and reflect on approaching them differently.   

I have really enjoyed the sessions - they almost seem like  therapy sessions and will actually miss them!! It’s a shame we cant keep it up!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the recent course at Rochford.

I have recently been going through a very difficult time in my personal life and just knowing that the skills you have taught me are there (even if I wasn’t using them) has made me a much calmer person. Knowing that I can create that peaceful feeling if I needed to has really helped.

Prior to the course I was suffering with some real anxiety issues and since I haven’t had any where near as many panic attacks. I am happier and (most of the time) don’t get stressed out by the smallest things.